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Who Uses HARApad?

Quite simply, the HARApad is great for anyone that uses their laptop directly on their lap.

It is especially useful for travel—while on a plane or at your hotelchecking email while on your couch, or utilizing the lounge space in the office to get some work done. Students love the flexibility HARApad gives them to use their laptop anywhere from their dorm bed to the student union.

The HARApad is also perfect if you use your laptop around the house, like sitting on the couch or while lying in bed. You can protect your child against radiation during pregnancy, or if they’re “big kids” and use a computer on their lap.

The HARApad makes a great gift for the loved ones you want to protect.

There are also effects of this radiation beyond just reproductive health and during pregnancy. There is proof that electromagnetic radiation reduces the amount of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is important for the immune system, and is thought to help prevent and treat cancer. So reducing the body’s melatonin is detrimental to health.
The most important thing to consider is the effect of this radiation on children, who are still developing. Kids are using cell phones, laptops, and tablets just as much as adults are, and are much more vulnerable to the effects of the electromagnetic radiation.

We agree that we don’t yet fully know the long-term effects, but to say for certain that there are none is irresponsible and dangerous. We fear that we will all learn this the hard way once it is too late. The short-term effects, such as lethargy, lack of focus, immune health, migraines, and more must also be considered.

This is why we not only provide protection for laptops but have expanded our line to provide cell phone and tablet protection as well. We are constantly researching and developing new products to protect you from the harmful effects of electronic devices.