We talk a lot about medical research that has been done showing a relationship between cell phone usage and cancer. We also mention the HARApad Pocket Shield as one way to better protect yourself.

Many of you have emailed us back and asked great questions about the Pocket Shield, so we made a little demonstration and answered the most frequently asked questions.
If you are considering buying a Pocket Shield or simply want to find out more about this product, this 3 minute video is for you.

Demonstration of cell phone radiation protection pad

Here are some important aspects to note:

1. When used with earbuds, the Pocket Shield allows you to use your phone hands-free and stay protected from radiation.

2. The Pocket Shield allows you to use any current case that you may have your phone in. Whether you love your case or cannot stand to use one, you can still use this pad.

3. It works with all phone models, so there’s no need to buy a new one next time you upgrade your phone.

4. The Pocket Shield acts as a physical radiation shield between your phone and your body. It can be used in your pocket, purse, bra, hand, or placed on top of your phone if you set it on a nightstand near your bed.

5. It also looks pretty cool. See the video for real-life demonstration of the HARApad Pocket Shield.

We hope you understand what exactly the Pocket Shield is and how to use it.

We are not telling you to get rid of all electronics and go live in a cave. We make products that allow you to keep your connected lifestyle and still protect yourself.

We are currently working on bringing you new products based both on the newest electromagnetic radiation research and requests from you.

Stay tuned—we will have more for you soon.


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