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Still unclear what HARApad is?

HARApad is a lightweight pad designed to protect your body against the effects of heat and electromagnetic radiation emitted by laptop computers, tablets, or cell phones.

We sell products to protect against harmful radiation and heat from electronic devices

Laptop Protection Products

laptop radiation shield

Cell Phone Protection Products

cell phone radiation shield

Tablet Protection Products

iPad radiation shield

Desktop Protection Products

protect yourself with iPad radiation shield

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Why you should choose Harapad

Harapad was the original radiation shield product

Harapad has a bio-medical engineer designing and testing the products

Harapads are custom sizes saving you money and making the shields more portable and convenient

We're real. Our co-founder, an engineer will pick up the phone if you call this number. He's a great guy and can answer any of your technical or non technical questions.

Don't be fooled by our competitors who have copied our products, instead buy the real, tested, certified original radiation shield from Harapad.

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Harapad was seen in NBC, CBS and abc

Members & Certifications

Harapad is a member of A.H.H.A. and FC

Don’t sacrifice your health for the convenience of mobile Technology.

Get them both!

HARApad develops innovative products combined with industry-leading knowledge to help our customers live the healthiest possible lives while embracing Mobile Technology.

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