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The HARApad EMF Cell Phone Pocket Shield takes our root radiation protection technology and applies it to cell phones.  It is an all-natural wood product on the outside and contains all the necessary shielding on the inside to keep you safe from cell phone radiation, including:

  • ELF magnetic field shielding
  • WIFI/microwave shielding
  • RF cellular shielding

The pad should be used whenever your phone is placed near your body, including pockets, purses, and when women place the phone in their bras.  A huge advantage of this product is that you can still use any case you currently have on your phone; you do not have to remove your current case if you don’t want to.

This also allows you to use your earbuds or headphones during a call and safely place the cell phone in your pocket, purse, etc.  You are therefore protected both when the phone is connected on a call or sitting idle.  This product will not interfere with your cellular signal and will not negatively affect battery life.

This product is different from most others on the market, because it acts as a physical shield between your cell phone and your body, just like the lead vest shields you from x-ray radiation at the doctor’s office.


Large: 3.125″ x 6.125″

Small: 3″ x 5″

Additional information

Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


  1. Julia

    I think this is just another ovypehre and misleading guess -NFC controller like NXP PN65 does not need metal shield -NFC controller doesn’t need to be separated but is usually placed together with other chips on motherboard -placement sensitive is NFC antenna, which should be much bigger as 5x5mm and placed as far from metal as possible, iPhone will have problems here if back cover will be completely metal based (liquid metal, alu, …). So let’s all cool down and wait for Sep, 11th (ops, +1) …

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