At HARApad, we get asked all the time why our products are the best EMF protection devices on the market.  While we are happy answering this question on a daily basis, we also thought it would make a great blog post for potential customers.  We offer the best EMF protection products on the market for two main reasons: our team and our products themselves.

Anyone can create a product, and trust us when we say that many try.  However it takes a lot more to develop a product that works.  The team behind the HARApad line of products has 5 undergraduate degrees in engineering and a Master’s Degree in BioMedical Engineering.  Nobody understands the science behind EMF protection like we do.  Our products were the very first on the market in 2008 and many have tried to simulate our technology in the years since.  However no one can keep up with our knowledge and experience in the EMF protection industry.  We always continue to improve our products and offer solutions to problems that others ignore.

Our EMF protection devices all use multiple layers of perfectly safe, military-grade shielding materials that we post-process to improve their shielding effectiveness above and beyond the military specifications.  These products act as physical shields between your electronic devices and your body, just like a lead vest is used during X-rays to protect from electromagnetic radiation.

To this day we offer the only laptop EMF protection device that is fully customizable.  We know that cost is very important to our customers, so if they have smaller laptops they can save money by purchasing smaller laptop radiation shields.  These size options also keep our products lighter and more portable so they are much easier to use and travel with.  We also offer our products in multiple materials.  Our acrylic plastic pads are just as safe as any other plastic product, but many people do appreciate our more natural wooden products.

Beyond laptops, we offer EMF protection devices that protect users from cell phone radiation, iPad EMF radiation, other tablet PCs, e-readers like Nook and Kindle, etc.  HARApad currently offers the only cell phone EMF protection device on the market geared towards exercising safely with your cell phone.

At HARApad, we truly care about the health of our customers.  We regularly help our customers test our products with gaussmeters to show them how well they work.  Our EMF protection products were originally designed for ourselves and our families, so you know you’re getting the best EMF protection devices available.