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Purchase Laptop Radiation Here Entering our 7th year of helping customers live healthier lives, we are the original innovators of our market. The HARApad® laptop radiation and heat shield is a unique product that provides ultimate safety while using today's modern mobile technology. Incredibly durable and functional by design, it offers a comfortable and convenient workspace. Because we provide solutions to problems that are often ignored, our product is the only one that blocks all three types of electromagnetic radiation.

"Anything you can do to limit your exposure to radiation is a good idea." -CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Our Mission

Our Mission

Through innovative products and industry-leading knowledge, we aim to help our customers live the healthiest possible lives.  Mobile technology is extremely useful, but don’t sacrifice your health for the convenience!  […]

Laptop Radiation Shield Benefits

Laptop Radiation Shield Benefits

In addition to ELF, WIFI, electric field, and heat protection, the HARApad laptop radiation shield provides a rigid, sturdy worksurface and durable design.  Available in multiple sizes and colors, along with a […]



We hear nothing but good feedback from our customers, whether they use their laptops all day or just briefly. To find out more about what they are saying, click above […]

As Seen In…

As Seen In…

We have been featured in many publications, including MacCompanion Magazine and news sites like NBC, ABC, and CBS. We have also had many independent sources review our products over the […]


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    Welcome to the Wireless-EMF Age

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    Dr. Anthony Miller from the University of Toronto’s School of Public Health’s disposition that  RF radiation should be considered a Class 2A, a probable carcinogen.

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    What is Electromagnetic Radiation and How can it be Dangerous?

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  • The best product on the market

    Our new HARApad Root 2.0 is the best product of its kind on the market. Not only does it protect against all three forms of laptop radiation present, it is […]

  • A new study shows direct link between laptop use and infertility

    The results of a new study show that “laptop exposure induced a significant decrease in human sperm motility”, and “a significant increase in sperm DNA fragmentation.” The results of the […]


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