Cell Phone EMF Protection Products

Below you will find our cell phone EMF protection devices and accessories.  Cell phone EMF shielding is a very complicated thing to achieve, because EMF protection requires a physical EMF shield to be placed between the device and your body (just like a lead vest during an X-ray).  We cannot place a permanent EMF shield over the touchscreen of your cell phone, otherwise your phone would not be usable.

So we approach cell phone EMF shields differently than our competitors.  The good news is that, with all of our cell phone EMF shields, you do not have to purchase new products when you upgrade your cell phone!  They are universal!

Our most popular product of all is the Cell Phone Sleep Shield, which is one of the only products available that protects you from cell phone EMF while you sleep!  Our Cell Phone Pocket Shield on the other hand (in combination with a Low-emission headset) gives you a hands-free and low-EMF solution for talking on your phone.

We are currently working on multiple revolutionary cell phone EMF protection products, so please check back regularly!

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  • Cell Phone Sleep Shield

  • Cell Phone EMF Pocket Pad Providing EMF and Radiation Protection

    Cell Phone Pocket Shield

  • Cell Phone EMF Arm Band Providing EMF and Radiation Protection

    Armband HARApad

  • Earbuds with EMF and Radiation Protection

    Low Emission Headset