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Protect yourself from the harmful radiation of your electronics with HARApad.


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Discover the new HARApad Edge, a patented product, and the only non-flat EMF shield in the world that protects you from EMF in multiple directions and locations.

The HARApad Advantage

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Our products were the very first commercially-available EMF protection devices, and we continue to innovate to this day.  Our patented HARApad Edge is the only NON-FLAT EMF shield on the market, meaning that it protects users from electromagnetic radiation in multiple directions and locations.

our team

We are scientists and electromagnetic radiation is a scientific phenomenon!  HARApad was developed by a team of 3 mechanical engineers, and we’ve since added a Master’s Degree in BioMedical Engineering, so we can honestly say that nobody understands EMF and EMF protection like we do.

our technology

We started researching and testing EMF shielding materials 14 years ago, and continue doing so to this day.  This ensures that we are using the best materials (and combinations thereof) in all of our EMF protection products.  Not only are they manufactured for EMF shielding, but we process them after to optimize.

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Best EMF Protection Devices

The Best EMF Protection Devices

At HARApad, we get asked all the time why our products are the best EMF protection devices on the market. While we are happy answering this question on a daily basis, we also thought it would make a great blog post for potential customers. We offer the best EMF protection products on the market for two main reasons: our team and our products themselves. […]


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  • HARApad Edge – Additional Foam Shim

  • Cell Phone Sleep Shield

  • HARApad Edge

  • Laptop EMF Pad Providing EMF and Radiation Protection

    Laptop HARApad

  • Cell Phone EMF Pocket Pad Providing EMF and Radiation Protection

    Cell Phone Pocket Shield

  • Tablet EMF Pad Providing EMF and Radiation Protection

    Tablet HARApad

  • Cell Phone EMF Arm Band Providing EMF and Radiation Protection

    Armband HARApad

  • Tablet EMF Case Providing EMF and Radiation Protection

    Portfolio HARApad – Leather iPad case

  • Earbuds with EMF and Radiation Protection

    Low Emission Headset

  • Laptop Comfort Cushion Providing Heat Protection

    Comfort Cushion Laptop EMF Pad


Entering our 13th year of helping customers live healthier lives, we are the original innovators and pioneers of our market. This also means that we have had the most time to perfect our EMF protection products, and our team. Our product developers are degreed mechanical engineers, and our lead engineer has a Master’s Degree in BioMedical Engineering. Nobody understands the science involved in electromagnetic radiation and EMF protection better than us.

Most importantly, our EMF protection devices were originally designed with the health of our friends and family in mind. It wasn’t until later that we decided to take our solutions to market to help others reduce their exposure and live healthier lives. You can read more about this story in the About Us page.

We are constantly developing and launching new EMF protection devices, because it is our mission to continue solving the problems that our competitors ignore. So please check back regularly, and let us know if there are any other ways we can help!