Laptop EMF Protection Products

Below you will find all of our laptop EMF protection products and accessories.  Our newest is the HARApad Edge, with our patented multi-directional shielding technology.  It’s the only non-flat laptop EMF shield on the market.  Electromagnetic radiation is a 3D phenomenon and is not emitted in a single direction.  So the EMF shield should also be three-dimensional, and that’s what the HARApad Edge offers.  This makes it the most protective laptop EMF shield on the market.  But if you’re looking for something more compact, our flat laptop EMF shields still offer excellent protection because EMF in laptops is more concentrated on the bottom of the device.

As far as accessories go, our flat Laptop HARApad has an accessory that attaches to the bottom of it and acts as a cushion for extra comfort and heat protection, but it also moves the laptop 1″ further from your lap, which actually does further help with EMF reduction.  Electromagnetic radiation dies out quickly as you move away from the source, so the Comfort Cushion accessory helps in many ways including EMF protection.

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  • HARApad Edge

  • Laptop EMF Pad Providing EMF and Radiation Protection

    Laptop HARApad

  • Laptop Comfort Cushion Providing Heat Protection

    Comfort Cushion Laptop EMF Pad

  • HARApad Edge – Additional Foam Shim

  • Earbuds with EMF and Radiation Protection

    Low Emission Headset