What exactly are your products and what do they do?

On the surface our EMF protection products are either wood, plastic, or foam (or some combination thereof depending on the product).  On the inside, our products contain 2-3 different materials that work together to reduce your exposure to radiation emitted by laptops, tablets, and cell phones.  These inner radiation shielding materials are expensive and specialized, but are completely safe.  They are commercially available materials designed for this exact purpose; we did not develop the materials ourselves.  However, we have been constantly improving our products over 10 years as new EMF shielding materials become available and more effective combinations are found.

One of the materials is a military-grade magnetic ELF shielding alloy designed for preventing EMI in military vehicles and fighter jets.  We purchase this material raw and process it further to enhance its effectiveness for our EMF protection devices.  Another material we have found to be effective is a material that absorbs microwaves.

Our products add distance between your electronic devices and your body, which helps even more with EMF protection.  The further you keep electronic devices from your body, the safer you are.  They also help reduce the heat that reaches your body.  Our products, especially the laptop radiation shields, provide a solid and sturdy worksurface that allows the laptop computer to effectively cool itself, thus subjecting your body to less heat.

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How do your products work?

Simply put, electromagnetic radiation (EMR) follows the laws of physics to reach your body and our products do the same thing to help protect you from it.  Think of our products like the lead vest you put on when getting X-rays.  They are both physical shields that are applied between your body and the device that emits radiation.

They help protect you from EMF just like the ground circuit in your home helps protect you from stray electrical current.  A ground wire will redirect the electrical current someplace safe to prevent it from getting to your body.  Our products will redirect the EMF someplace safe to prevent it from getting to your body.


How effective are your products?

Unlike our competitors, who make very misleading claims on their website and then cover themselves in the “Legal Disclaimer” section, we are honest with our customers.  No matter what anyone tells you, it is impossible to shield yourself from all EMF (or even 99% like our competitors claim).  You would have to stop using electronic devices completely, and probably go live in a cave somewhere away from electricity, WIFI, and cellular signals.  Not many of us are willing to do that, so we advocate that you “do what you can when you can” regarding EMF reduction.

With that said our products are still extremely effective at reducing ELF radiation that make it through the devices.  We have been testing our products for almost 10 years, and we have 20 resellers of our product, most of whom have done independent testing on our products before agreeing to offer them to their customers.  Most importantly, we advocate that our customers test our products themselves, and we help them every day to do just that.


What are the limitations of your EMF protection products?

Effective EMF protection requires a physical shield between the device and your body.  But that is not always possible.  For example if we put a shield over your laptop, cell phone, or iPad screen, you would not be able to see the screen or use the device.  Same with your laptop keyboard.  So like our competitors, our products cannot help in these locations.

With that said, are your products even worth it? 

Absolutely!  The good news is that generally, EMF radiation strength dies down quickly as you get a few inches away from the source.  So most of your body is already far enough away from the device.  For example, your head / neck / chest / stomach area is already at a relatively safe distance.  But when you’re using a laptop on your lap, there is zero distance between the device and your body.  Your entire lap area, reproductive organs, and even the blood flowing through your veins and arteries are exposed to the EMF.  This is where our product comes in to drastically reduce the radiation exposure to these areas.


What else can I do to further protect myself?

If these products do not offer the protection you are seeking, or if you are extremely electrosensitive, then we recommend checking out EMF Defense products.

However there are also some free things you can do to further reduce your exposure.  Keep your electronic devices as far from your body as possible.  This can mean not sleeping next to your cell phone, talking on speakerphone instead of using it at your ear, or using talk-to-text so you don’t have to hold your phone with both hands when texting.  You can turn off your WIFI router when you won’t be using it for extended periods of time (especially at night!).  You can use external mouse and keyboard with your laptop so your hands and wrists are further from the laptop’s high-emission areas.