Tablet EMF Protection Products

Below you will find all of our iPad EMF protection products, which of course work with any and all tablet PCs and other similar devices like kindles and other e-readers.

Our flat Tablet HARApad allows you to achieve EMF protection and still keep the current case that you might already have for your iPad.  In a way it is an on-demand EMF protection solution, so you can use your iPad more safely during longer use periods, and when only using for short periods of time you can use it more normally with any case you might already have.

We are working on new iPad EMF shields, so please check back regularly if our current products do not meet your needs.

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  • Tablet EMF Pad Providing EMF and Radiation Protection

    Tablet HARApad

  • Earbuds with EMF and Radiation Protection

    Low Emission Headset

  • Tablet EMF Case Providing EMF and Radiation Protection

    Portfolio HARApad – Leather iPad case