Dr. Oz has discussed the dangers of cell phone radiation exposure on his show many times. In an interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta they discussed that it’s still too early to know for sure if cell phones are safe to use.

It generally takes 30 years of long-term research to fully understand, and we are only about 20 years into the cell phone era. Unfortunately, more and more medical research seems to be showing that cell phones do create serious health effects. Some studies have been done that show an increase in a certain type of brain cancer for heavy cell phone users after only 10 years of use. There have also been reports from studies showing that even short-term exposure to cellular signals can reduce sperm count and quality in men.

However, there have also been studies that show no link between cell phones and serious health effects. Drs. Oz and Gupta were sure to point out that there were some serious flaws in these studies.

First, they often focus on subjects who use their phones infrequently and after only short-term use. For example, one study used subjects that have used their phones once a week for only 6 months total. However, the reality is that most people use their phones much more often and will do so for the foreseeable future. Second, these studies that claim cell phones are safe do not include children in their studies.

The following figure shows how the brain is affected by a cell phone at different ages. The adult brain shows some serious effects, but they are severely amplified in children with thinner and less-developed skulls.

Cell phone effect on the brain by age

Cell phone effect on the brain by age

Most recently Dr. Oz has warned to use caution with cell phones even when they are not in use. Women who put their phones in their bras are at risk of developing breast and skin cancer in the tissue beneath where the cell phone is stored. Cell phone manufacturers themselves seem to be admitting that there are known risks as well. Apple warns users to use their iPhones in speakerphone mode and even to carry the phone 10mm away from the body when not in use. This is found near the legal notices buried deep in the phone settings.

It is important to keep in mind that cell phones emit three different types of radiation. The radiofrequency (RF) field is from both the cellular signal itself along with any WIFI signals present. According to physics, whenever electricity flows through a wire there is an associated electric and magnetic (ELF) field emitted as well. Since smartphones are essentially miniature computers with increasingly powerful processors and high-resolution touch screens, these emitted fields are becoming more and more intense.

These fields can affect the body in many ways. The body is full of charged particles, or ions, and it is a law of physics that these ions are affected by magnetic and electric fields. These effects may interfere with the normal bodily activities that keep us healthy. For example, it has been proven in multiple medical studies that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) reduces the amount of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body rid itself of harmful free radicals, and it also has positive effects on circadian rhythm and the immune system. So it’s dangerous to allow your body’s melatonin to be reduced by electromagnetic fields and radiation.  Additionally, body temperature is very important and well-regulated. Electronic devices can have negative effects on local body temperatures through both the electromagnetic radiation and the direct heat they emit.

Electromagnetic radiation, including all three types discussed above, are not unique to cellular phones. All electronic devices emit one or all of these types of EMR, including laptop and desktop computers, tablets like the iPad, and e-readers. Wireless routers constantly emit RF radiation even if there are no devices connected to the signal. If your electronic device can connect to the WiFi signal, then your body is immersed in the field as well.

So what can you do? Protect yourself!

Using earbuds or speaker while using your cell phone and limiting time on electronic devices (especially for children) are some options. Shielding your body from your electronic device is another effective method of protection.  Fortunately, HARApad products can help. HARApad products work best because they put a physical shield between the device and your body. This shield is made up of multiple different materials, all of which are perfectly safe, and each of which works to keep you safe in different ways. Just like lead vests are used to keep you safe from X-rays, we use completely safe materials in our products to protect you from electromagnetic radiation emissions.