The article we’re spotlighting today is one regarding electromagnetic sickness symptoms as reported by Medical News Today. The link to the article can be found at

It appears that people are asking more and more about the effects, both long term and short term, of electromagnetic radiation. While it is true that we have been exposed to this radiation for a number of years, rarely are any of us subjected to the zero-distance that laptops can require. Distance is a key factor in the strength of an electromagnetic signal. It’s been long said that microwaves are dangerous and harmful to humans while running, but it’s likely that you aren’t pressing your face against the glass of the microwave for hours at a time while it’s heating (if you are, stop!). Segue to a laptop: as the requirements of the average laptop user increase to accommodate faster browsing, streaming media, and demanding programs, the internal electronic components of the laptop increase as well. With the increase of electric draw to these components follow the naturally occuring increase in electromagnetic radiation. Couple that increase in EMF to a distance of zero inches from the body, and radiation exposure exceeds that of even the most powerful electronic devices in the average household.

People subjected to these fields are more and more frequently reporting feelings of lasting vibrations, burning skin, electrical current in the body, and general feelings of unwell-being, to name a few from the article. When the source of the field is removed, the feelings go away. This article also dives into an experiment in which a canary, subjected to EMF waves, stops singing and begins picking at irritations in its feathers. When the EMF signal was removed, the singing resumed and the feather picking stopped. The important question to ask here is, what irritations, noticeable or not, are occurring within the human body when subjected to the same exposure?

Another facet of this article points out that people are reporting physical effects of electromagnetic radiation, but no one is acknowledging these effects. Because science has not pinpointed the exact reason for these effects, or consistency from subject to subject, they are being denied in their entirety by governments and global organizations, like the World Health Organization (WHO).

The fact is, the general public doesn’t need a stamp of approval by organizations and governments to understand the science behind the danger potentials (see the previous post, “What is Electromagnetic Radiation and How Can it be Dangerous?”). The general public needs to educate themselves about the risk that canexist and do what they can to mitigate that risk. We at HARApad advocate limiting exposure to strong electromagnetic fields at all costs, and when it’s not possible, protect yourself with products designed to do so. Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, but it doesn’t matter; the science of how EMF works is available, and now it’s up to the consumer to decide if they want to take action with the knowledge that’s been passed on to them.