Laptop radiation made another headline recently after being connected to men’s reproductive health.

In the report, linked below, it was found that both motility and morphology, important factors in successful reproduction, are negatively affected by WiFi radiation.  DNA fragmentation was identified as another byproduct effect of WiFi radiation, which is manifested in permanent destruction of genetic code. The study performed addressed the effects of WiFi radiation only, and does not take into account both heat (expressed below) and ELF radiation.  Additionally, the exposure time is listed as 4 hours!  If you’re a blogger, a photographer, a frequent business traveler, or even just a casual laptop user, you can probably remember the last time you put in 4 hours of laptop time.

Of course, in addition to the WiFi radiation effects on fertility, laptop generated heat has also been identified as a significant source of issue with male fertility specifically.  The scrotum has a natural ability to maintain extremely tight temperature tolerances to ensure sperm health, but when exposed to long-term periods of externally induced elevated temperatures, this organ can do little to control its functional temperature.

The HARApad is designed to address both of these modes of fertility concern.

With its insulating tendencies, it provides a barrier between the heat source and the body. With the patent-pending heat shield attached, the HARApad becomes a maximum protection product to fight against heat when your lap is your only work space.  Additionally, with the new HARApad 2.0’s RF shielding, WiFi emitted by the laptop is now blocked by our most efficient HARApad product yet.